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Physical Address:
1st Floor,
Grindrod Mews,
106 Margaret Mncadi Avenue,
Durban 4001

About Atlas Trading:

Atlas Trading is an agricultural commodity trading company based in Durban. It also has offices in Ecuador, Peru and Singapore, Botswana, Malawi, Mozambique, The Netherlands and Zambia. Atlas primarily trades in grains, oil seeds and fertilisers globally. Atlas Trading also manages the supply chain activities to customers in South Africa, sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa, South East Asia and the West Coast of South America. The company secures quality products and they offer customised end to end solutions to the Agri-processing industry. These services include origination, processing, hedging, distribution, supply chain management, risk management and financing.

Business Website Address: Atlas Trading
Business Phone Number: +27 (0)31 302 1701
Business Fax: +27 (0)31 302 1701
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Bonmas offers affordable and fast Business secretarial and registrations. Their registration and secretarial services includes: Urgent Company registrations, BBBEE certificates within 1 hour, Registrations for different taxes, New Tax clearance, Business profiles, business plans and more.

Business Website Address: Bonmas
Business Phone Number: 012 772 3482
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At BusinessNeeds Online™, they are proud to deliver a business registration service by assisting their clients in obtaining new Company registrations.

They submit company registrations to CIPC (Companies and Intellectual Property Commission) at the DTI on a daily basis to ensure a quick business registration.
Register a company with them, they can receive your company name reservation the fastest in South Africa. BusinessNeeds Online™ will provide you with all the necessary company registration documentation online and they provide secure transactions online.

With BusinessNeeds Online™ they take the hassle out of registering a company with CIPC (Companies and Intellectual Property Commission) and DTI as they will handle all the documentation, submit it and get a direct response from CIPC (Companies and Intellectual Property Commission) and DTI.

They also offer Close Corporation Amendments and this can be done online through they website.

Business Website Address: Business Needs
Business Phone Number: 071 687 1601
Business Fax: 0866 92 11 66
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For more than ten years, Business Registration Warehouse has been delivering high standards of service to the Private individual, Accountants, Auditors, Bookkeepers, Secreterial Services and many more satisfied customers. They take the hassle out of registering your business at the lowest humanly possible prices. Business Registration Warehouse offers you a one-stop solution for all your registration needs, saving you valuable time and money.

Business Website Address: Business Registration Warehouse
Business Phone Number: 012 543 0650
Business Fax: 086 646 8291
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Company Warehouse offers a business registration service for entrepreneurs who wish to register a new company. They focus strongly on business secretarial services and offer a wide range of products and services that are related to your business and new business registrations. This includes tax registrations, BEE certificates and more.

Their offices are located in the east of Pretoria and it is beneficial to the customer because the CIPC officec are locared in the city center.

Business Website Address: Company Warehouse
Business Phone Number: 083 279 8008
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CORP is an exclusive online Company Registration Office that prides itself in delivering the very best to all its past, present and new business entrepreneurs. Boasting with the old procedure of company and close corporation registrations, and now the new way of registering a company on an easy secure platform with totally unique requirements per gov agreement under the new company act. Coupled with Share Certificates and Resolutions of the directors completely free of charge to their clients. You do not need to have an Accountant or Auditor unless your business is coining the market and exceeds the threshold to be audited. The new company legislation is very attractive to the market place and hassle free for the business person.

Business Website Address: CORP International
Business Phone Number: 021 852 4444
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Factcorp is one of the biggest online services for new company registration in South Africa. They handle all new business registration and company registration requirements anywhere in the country for over 10 years. Their online business registration facility is supported by their head office based in Pretoria to ensure that you get the fastest service possible.

Business Website Address: FACT Business Corporation
Business Phone Number: 012 997 0525
Business Fax: 086 648 7035
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First for Business Registrations Solutions offers company registration services in South Africa, with the focus on Shelf Company and new trading Company Registrations.

Their head office is located in Pretoria, conveniently situation near to the CIPC offices. First For Business Registration Services provides a wide range of services and pride themselves on fast and efficient service delivery.
They are committed to serve as a force with integrity, good sense and fast solutions to the problems businesses and persons are facing when obtaining or registering a Company. Theytake pride in what we do and that sets us apart from other companies.

First For Business Registration Services assists in registering: shelf companies, new trading companies and company registration in South Africa. They understand the need to oversee and assist with all our client’s company related needs.

Their streamlined service will ensure that obtaining your Company with the relevant changes will be done fast and accurately although they are sometimes bound by the time constraints from CIPC

Their unique company structure allows them a competitive advantage in that they are able to offer a comprehensive suite of recognition solutions to all companies regardless of size

Business Phone Number: 012 752 9001
Business Fax: 086 555 0160
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Harbour & Associates offers a variety of Wealth Management and Business Services, including the formation of companies and trusts, issuing of B-BBEE certificates, business support (registrations, bookkeeping, tax, payroll), and workshops in trusts and wealth management.

They have been caring for their clients’ business needs since 1971. Under their guidance you will feel secure in the knowledge that they offer a wealth of experience and expertise for both your personal and organisational needs.

Business Website Address: Harbour & Associates
Business Phone Number: 011 656 2945
Business Fax: 011 656 2948
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Physical Address:
64 Wessels Road,

About Harvey World Travel:

The Harvey World Travel Group is comprised of expert travel agents who offer the best comprehensive holiday packages at competitive rates. The company is a joint venture between BidTravel (part of the Bidvest Group) and Stella Group based in Australia. Harvey World Travel is one the largest and most well established retail travel brands in Southern Africa. Since the first branch opened in South Africa in 1997, their franchise network has expanded considerably into Botswana, Swaziland, Namibia and Lesotho. They now boast over 430 travel agencies throughout Southern Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Business Website Address: Harvey World Travel
Business Phone Number: +27 11 234 2233
Business Fax: +27 86 246 6397
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Physical Address:
28 Karee Road,
Blue Hills,

About Holler Trade:

Holler Trade CC was established in 1990 as an export trading house offering sourcing, procurement
and logistics into Africa’s mining, agricultural, exploration, construction and tourism industries. Their head office is based in Midrand, Johannesburg. Although they do have offices in Lusaka and representation in Botswana and Zimbabwe, they have been trading with other countries such as Angola, Mozambique, Malawi, Uganda, Ethiopia, DRC, Namibia and Ghana. Their business has been active for 24 years and they have various contacts with major South African and global suppliers

Business Website Address: Holler Trade
Business Phone Number: +27 10 590 0769
Business Fax: +27 87 942 8789
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Physical Address:
Cnr. Geldenhuis Road & Van Dort Street,

About Imperial Logistics:

Imperial Logistics is a massive transport and storage company in the country. They improve their clients’ competitiveness through customising their experience in outsourced value chain management. Imperial Logistic’s diverse experience and expansive capabilities extend from procurement to brand activation, and include all the logistics services in between. As a result, the company is the only one that can take materials and products from their original source to the end-consumer point of sale.

Business Website Address: Imperial Logistics
Business Phone Number: (+27) 11 677 5000
Business Fax: (+27) 11 616 1211
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Physical Address:
Corner of Staal & Research Roads,
Pretoria West,
South Africa

About Intercape:

Intercape is the largest intercity passenger transport service operating in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique. This transport company has buses that transports their passenger to virtually every major city and town in South Africa. The Intercape started in 1979 and it’s still running after 35 years. The Intercape pride itself on first-class service with an amazing track record. The company itself has various different divisions but all of them are rules with precision and skill. It started out as a small shuttle service and progressed into the massive transport company it is today.

Business Website Address: Intercape
Business Phone Number: +27 (0) 21 380 4400
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Physical Address:
40,41,42 Protea Gardens,
60 Main Street,
South Africa.

About Kingfisher Freight Services:

Kingfisher Freight Services cc was established in 1992 primarily as an over border cargo mover to handle cargo from South Africa to the neighboring and regional countries located as far north as the equator. Within a few months of starting its operations, the company was requested by their clients to broaden the base of their services in order to include airfreight and sea freight on an import and export basis. As a result, Kingfisher Freight Services experienced tremendous growth and so they expanded their premises and staff to handle all the requirements by their clients.

Business Website Address: Kingfisher Freight Services
Business Phone Number: + 27 11 823 4806
Business Fax: + 27 11 823 4955
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Physical Address:
No 3 Mcalpine Rd,
Malvern East,
South Africa.

About Liser Trading:

Liser Trading cc was established in 1986. Since then, it has always been a family run business.

Since their inception they have been trading in Southern African countries. Liser Trading exports all kind of products as requested by their numerous clients. Their customer base is made-up mainly of embassies, aid agencies, Ngo’s and international companies operating in. They have access to a vast range of manufacturers. This allows Liser Trading to be able to supply a wide variety of goods at the right price and to the exact client’s requirements.

Business Website Address: Liser Trading
Business Phone Number: +27 11 615 8843
Business Fax: +27 11 615 2145
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Pty Company Registration was established in 2006 under the brand “SA Closed Corporations”. They launched with the mission to assist small and medium enterprises (SMME’s) with CC / Close Corporation Registrations. The company has been very successful from the start due to a simplified and premium service. Their brand and website had a recent name change to “” to adjust to the current new Companies Act, 2008.

Business Website Address: Pty Company Registration
Business Phone Number: 012 003 1544
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Rapid Business registrations provide a fast and efficient way to register businesses in South Africa.

The company is run by Chartered Accountants who have expert knowledge related to CIPRO and SARS registrations. They are well positioned to provide their clients with the best service when they are processing your business registration.

Rapid Business Registrations hand delivers your registration applications to either CIPRO or SARS which prevents the loss or damage of your registration forms.

Their online application system allows you to take care of your business registration with no effort at all. They do all the work for you and keep you up to date on the progress of your application throughout the whole business registration process.

They offer their services online and offline to any individual from anywhere in the country.

Business Website Address: Rapid Business Registrations
Business Phone Number: 086 151 2513
Business Genre:
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Shelf Company specialises in providing legal firms, auditing practices and the general public with quick, simple and professional assistance in registering companies. This also includes the sale of shelf companies. Combined their team has over 30 years’ experience in the field and they are therefore able to assist with all your queries promptly. They employ both Attorneys and Chartered Company Secretaries and are therefore able to assist with any corporate governance matter.

Business Website Address: Shelf Company
Business Phone Number: 086 043 8226
Business Fax: 086 518 5234
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Long Business Description:

Shelf Company Warehouse has been in business since 1997. They register by far the most Companies and Close Corporations in South Africa, with 10 branches country wide. Their head office is in Pretoria, close to CIPC and the DTI, where all companies in South Africa are registered.

Business Website Address: Shelf Company Warehouse
Business Phone Number: 086 123 8899
Long Business Description:

Physical Address:
8th Floor,
Zeeland HouseHeerengracht Street,
Foreshore Cape Town,
South Africa

About Sure Travel:

Sure Travel is one of the most recognised and respected names in the Southern African travel industry. This massive travel agency has over 107 agencies in South Africa and Namibia. The company has been in business for over 30 years. Sure Travel is a member of ASATA (Association of Southern African Travel Agents). It is licensed by IATA (International Air Transport Association) and is aligned with the Consumer Protection Act.Sure Travel offers more than just a travel service. They have a holidays sections as well, which offers clients great getaways at affordable prices.

Business Website Address: Sure Travel
Business Phone Number: +27 21 410 5700
Business Fax: 086 681 5929
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The company has been trading for 13 years

Swiftreg has provided company registration as its core business for thirteen years. Their consistency in the marketplace means that they register one out of every twenty companies in South Africa.

Contrary to many fly-by-nights, they have a proper call centre of six consultants ready to take your call Monday to Friday, who have immediate access to your information, faxes and ID’s so they can answer any queries. They operate from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm from Monday to Friday. Swiftreg is located in N1 City Mews, Cape Town. Both ABSA and Nedbank use their service to register companies for their clients. This means that you can go in to your local branch, speak to the Business Banker and they will use Swiftreg services to register your company for you. Standard Bank has also provided a portal to Swiftreg through their Bizconnect site.

Business Website Address: Swift Reg
Business Phone Number: 021 595 4433
Business Fax: 086 576 3480
Long Business Description:

Physical Address:
6 Hood Avenue,

About Thompsons Holidays:

Thompsons Holidays is a leading South African travel wholesaler which caters primarily to leisure travellers based in Southern Africa. The company has offices in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. Thompsons Holidays has over 36 years of expertise in providing the finest, carefully selected collection of products to the most sought after destinations. These include South Africa, Continental Africa, Indian Ocean Islands, Europe, United Kingdom, Far East and the Americas.

Business Website Address: Thompsons Holiday
Business Phone Number: +27 11 770 7583
Business Fax: +27 11 770 7674
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Tolmos Media is a company that provides company and intellectual property services like company registrations, amendments, database registrations, CIDB registrations, compensation commission, treasure registrations, letter of good standing and SARS compliance. The company also provides branding, advertising and promotions services.

Business Website Address: Tolmos Media
Business Phone Number: 083 554 2084
Business Fax: 086 665 3027
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