When you enter your boardroom and you create a new meeting: Each meeting has a meeting URL which looks something like this: https://companies.co.za/my-new-meeting-room-name

This is the URL to send to people you wish to invite to your meeting.

If you have a Premium Executive Boardroom, you also have your own video server and your own URL, for example: https://your-own-domain-name-here

The process to access your boardroom:

* Step One: Go to the URL of your boardroom.

* Step Two: Start a new meeting by typing the meeting name into the input field

* Step Three: Confirm that you are the host and enter your Username and your Password

* Step Four: Invite anyone by sending them the meeting URL, you can also click on the “Person” icon at the bottom right hand side of the screen

Additional Tip: You can also click on the Yellow shield (at the bottom right) to set a password which users then will be required to use in order to gain access to the meeting


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