Important documents for registering a company

There are only two ways for you to register your company. The most popular of which is to register using your own name or to register a company without a name.

It is possible to register a company without a name because registration number will be used instead.
Some of the terminology that’s used when you register a company or make changes to its documents can be quite difficult but you will need to know it. The people or companies which set out to register a company are known as founders.

Founders can be companies, but it’s better to list the director of the company as the founder or incorporator.

Company forms

The following items listed, will be he important CIPC forms which you must familiarise yourself with.

Name application forms:

CoR 9.1Application to reserve a Name – Name application (CIPC charges R50 per set of 4 names or R75 for manual name applications) CIPC only manual accept manual applications if extra documentation for the name application is required. For Example Franchise application or when some else did the name application and we are now ask to complete the registration.
CoR 9.4Confirmation Notice – All approved names valid for 6 months
CoR 9.5Notice refusing name reservation of registration – Rejected names (Client must supply 4 new names and we change R110) If the client refuses to pay more money they can always opt for the no name option.
CoR 9.6Notice of Potentially contested name: Companies Tribunal

Company Formation Documents:

CoR 14.1Notice of Incorporation – Application form to appoint the new directors
CoR 15.1 AMemorandum of Incorporation – (Short Form) Pty Ltd
CoR 15.1 CMemorandum of Incorporation – (Short form) NPC without members
CoR 14.3Registration Certificate – Competed document (No shareholder information is displayed)
CoR 14.2Notice rejecting a Notice of Incorporation

Other documents:

CoR 15.2Notice of amendment of Memorandum of Incorporation – used for name changes
CoR 18.1Application to convert a Close Corporation
CoR 39Notice of change of Company Directors